JM 3-Ring Gag barrel racing bits for rate & turn


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Rib cage Bender

Medium Response = Light Touch

Good for all riders with Light touch or Medium to Heavy touch on the reins. This bit is designed to get a quick responce to the rein pressure under high speed, and get the horse to bend at the rib cage instead of the neck. Helps to create quick light touch response from the horse. This bit is for any colt or finished Barrel & Polo horse in both competition and training, great for any horses first introduction to a bit with a mouthpiece. The Gag feature of the bit gives the horse a warning that you are going to want a response, before the rein pressure causes the bit to engage the mouthpiece and force a response.  This creates a nice light touch response from the horse as he learns to  give to a bit. 


5"JM Pro Gag


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Quick Action Bit

Quick Response = Light Touch
Best for  horses that need to learn  to give to light bit pressure,  or horses that are not use to giving to  bit pressure at all, like colts. Helps horses and colts learn how to  give to the lightest  


Quick Release Side Pull Swivel Action:  The unique patented design releases the Purchase, Gag and Curb action,  and engages the "Side Pull" action only during the barrel turn. This  feature gives the rider the ability to use direct rein pressure to guide  the horses nose around barrel turns without creating curb strap  pressure from the reins, and restricting the horses foreword motion  during the turn. This feature also keeps the headstall and curb ring in  place so they don't turn and poke into the horses face when direct rein  pressure is applied. 

Purchase Action: Elevates  the horses shoulder with the lightest amount of "Lifting" rein  pressure. The desired amount of lift can be adjusted easily by tighten  the headstall to increase the lifting action or loosening the headstall  to decrease the lifting action. 

Enhanced Curb Action: The  placement of the curb strap rings, Insure proper curb placement on  specific jaw pressure points to enhances maximum collection, and break  at the poll, so the horse can get his but in the ground to rate a  barrel. Simply adjust the curb strap to fit directly against the horses  jaw bones. 

Adjustable Gag Action: The  Gag design asks the horse to respond before the bits action increases  at the end of the gag and enforces the riders command, teaching the  horse to respond to the lightest amount of bit pressure to avoid the  heavy pressure at the end of the gag. The rider can increases or  decreases the bits Collection feature with one simple adjustment. Simply  tighten the curb strap to increases the collection feature of the bit  or loosen the curb strap to decreases the collection feature of the bit.  

Enhanced Response Action: The  bits weight is design  to create clear and precise signal delivery to  the horses mouth with the lightest amount of rein pressure, giving  the  rider finger tip control. This feature also makes this bit great for  children, giving them complete control without severity to the horses  mouth. 

Mouth Piece: Three  piece twisted wire with dog bone. The three piece mouthpiece works on  the bars of the horses mouth individually, leaving the tongue and roof  of the horses mouth free from pressure. This allows the mouthpiece to  only give signals to one side of the horse at a time, and give the horse  clearer precise signals from the riders reins. The Sweet Iron on the  mouthpiece keeps performance horses mouths moist while working under  stressful conditions, and helps horses to relax during competition. amount of bit pressure and understand the signals  clearly without severity to the horses mouth. Great for Barrel Racing,  Polo and  Reining competition and training.