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Fine Tuning Barrel Horses is for every horse  owner wishing to produce a top-level barrel horse. In this all inclusive  manual author, champion barrel racer and barrel horse trainer Jessi  Mead shares the same training and fine-tuning techniques that she has  employed with champion-level success for thirty years. The author’s use  of math, physics, and science to explain the precise fundamentals of  barrel racing, while providing detailed diagrams showing every step of  the training process, makes it easy for anyone to understand and follow.  The extensive sections on how to measure the barrel pockets and mark  the pocket points and teach proper rate and turn are essential. Her  unique use of visual aids for horse and rider enhances the training and  learning process, decreases the training time and increases the accuracy  and consistency of barrel runs. This is the most thorough and  informative barrel horse training manual available today, and a must for  everyone involved in barrel racing.   


Starting Barrel Horses


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In Starting Barrel Horses  Jessi reveals her unique six week fast-track training regimen for  teaching horses the barrel pattern and helping   them reach  champion-level success. Her method of introducing only one aspect of    the barrel pattern at a time allows the horse to master each component individually before stringing them together in a complete barrel run.  This   process dramatically decreases training time while significantly  increasing the   accuracy and consistency of every run. Jessi also  shares essential knowledge   from over three decades of experience  training champion barrel horses   including:                           

  • what confirmation and bloodlines to look for to set yourself up for success   
  • how to select and fit the right barrel racing bit, saddle, and tack​​​​ to   meet both the rider and horse’s individual needs   
  • a wide variety of easy to follow  drills and instructions—along with detailed   diagrams—walking you  through the daily training regimen from start-to-finish    
  • and much, much more  

This program for starting barrel horses  is thorough and informative, but   also easy to understand and implement  regardless of your current experience. It   is a must-read for every  horse owner wishing to produce top-level talent.