Barrel Racing Clinics & Camps


Clinics and Camps

Group Barrel Racing Clinic: $300.00 per horse & Rider for the two day clinic limited to 10 riders. This clinic follows Jessi Mead's best selling book "Fine Tuning Barrel Horses" 

Group Barrel Patterning Clinic for Green Horses:  $300.00 per horse and rider for this two day clinic.  Limited to 10 riders. These clinics follow Jessi Meads book "Starting Barrel Horses" Six week training program for patterning barrel horses.      

Pole Bending Clinics: $150.00  per student. This clinic is limited to 10 participants per clinic, and is a one day clinic.

Private Lesson Fees: $ 75.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. Private lessons are not limited to number of riders or horses

Barrel Racing Camps: $1,000.00 for  7 day barrel racing camp, limited to 5 students. Students will have daily barrel racing clinics, one on one specific training relating to each students needs. All students will also be hauled to local jackpots to work on competition readiness and training. Camp includes, horses board, RV hookups, students meals, as well as BBQ cookouts, trail rides, etc.


One on one lessons with professional barrel racer Jessi Mead

All students will have unfettered access to professional barrel racer Jessi Mead


Make new friends, and learn how to get the most out of your horses

By only taking a limited number of students in the barrel racing clinics, the students get a much better understanding of the lessons and more one on one time with Jessi Mead, and learn more in these clinics. Students get to do their own barrel horse training to insure they get the most out of the clinics.